Sunrise Corn Coffee

About us

Sunrise Corn Coffee was founded in 2005 by Alicia Paglinawan. Driven by her personal healing experience from drinking corn coffee, Alicia used to manually roast and grind native corn which she then sold door-to-door using a rented tricycle.


Without any marketing, Sunrise Corn Coffee grew by word-of-mouth from customers who happily shared with others their own health improvement testimonies from drinking Sunrise Corn Coffee.


Sunrise Corn Coffee has grown from a home-based business to a nationally and internationally recognized company and is now produced using state-of-the-art equipment and employs over 40 local residents. Sunrise Corn Coffee is the only corn coffee in the market that is licensed to produce corn coffee by the Bureau of Food and Drug (FDA) and is also Halal certified.


Alicia's mission is to have as many people as possible experience the health benefits of drinking Sunrise Corn Coffee. To that end, the company is committed to ensuring that Sunrise Corn Coffee maintains the highest standards of quality while producing Sunrise Corn Coffee for all market segments.

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